We receive information about the motivated youths from our associates and team members. Reviewing their requirements, interests and potential of securing a job after receiving specific trainings is crucial. By staying in touch with training providers and other NGOs working in certain areas offering the exact training at a subsidized cost, ensures that the donation money is used in the most efficient manner.

Since Dana Foundation is fundamentally a volunteer driven organization, we target to keep our management/administrative expenses below 10%. However, we do offer100% delivery of your donations to the end users/projects.

We offer our donors an option to donate a small amount towards our administrative expenses; committed to a transparent financial disclosure and always able to provide your information when requested.

As long as the recommended candidates fulfil our selection criteria and a mentor is available as our team member to track the progress of the candidate, we can select any recommended candidate to be funded through Dana Foundation.

Yes. There are options to either fund a specific candidate/project from our list or offer a general donation for the cause. We typically updates all our donors information about the progress of the causes/projects/students for which they have donated.

We provide annual updates to our donors related to the cause/project or specific students that they have donated. The intent here is to showcase how their donations are making a difference in the community.

To respect the privacy of our candidates, In person contacts are not allowed. However, any updates requested we can provide through one of our team members/volunteers. We can also facilitate video calling if absolutely necessary.

Our candidates are routinely studying in different classes and schools varying on their families utmost financial capabilities. We carefully evaluate their educational expenses are allocate them a budget that covers their tuition fees and any other extra help that is required for them to ensure that they are successful. This budget varies by the candidates as they all are different.

Since our aim is to ensure that our children successfully finish their education to secure a good career, we review their requirements thoroughly and go beyond just paying their tuition fees. We sponsor their extra classes/coaching as per their needs and also encourage them to improve their communication skills regarding English reading/writing and speaking abilities. Our funds also include expenses towards school supplies such as notebooks, books, etc. as necessary.

We expect our children to improve their academic performance once they are sponsored under our Foundation. They are required to secure at least an 85% on a consistent basis. If their performance is observed to be declining, we work with them and their teachers to identify the reason(s) and will push forward its improvement through additional coaching/tuition etc.

If the performance continues to be observed as decreasing due to the lack of efforts on part of the sponsored child, we then drop them from our program and replace them with another individual.

We are constantly scouring the available subsidies and other incentive programs offered by central as well as state government to help the candidates/projects sponsored by our Foundation. Furthermore, we work with other NGOs who sometime can fund specific projects/candidates if they fulfil their criteria.

Yes. At Dana Foundation, we are open to working with other NGOs who are working as a common cause.

We are actively looking for volunteers across the country. You can go through our volunteer page and provide necessary details and your area of interest. One of our team member will contact you and we will follow up in one of our working groups.

At present our focus is just in Bhopal but we are open to work in other cities too. Our primary criteria to initiate projects in other cities is to ensure that we have a volunteer/group of volunteers who can co-ordinate various activities related to our children’s progress or our projects’ progress.

Yes, we are open to add more training as long as they fit in to our criteria of approval.

We rely on government approved vocational training providers. In the case where significant funding/ subsidies are secured from the government, we have to rely on their recommended service providers.

We primarily rely on monetary donations but are open to accepting specific items as per our requirements. For example, we are open to receiving laptops/desktops and any other equipment for our schools to better delivery of information. The main criteria to accepting these items is that they should follow a minimum specification that our technical team has established.

You can reach out to our team members and we will help you to assess if your equipment/items fit into our programs.

Yes, receipts are provided for all donations irrespective of the amount.

No. Our Foundation was recently established and is currently in the process of getting approval for tax exemption of our donations. Typically, it takes about three years of operation before we receive government approval for tax exemptions.

With recent changes, NGOs who do not have at least three years of activities are not eligible to accept donations in foreign currencies.

We look for specific items for our projects and can accept equipment/items including books, laptops, projectors etc. from donors who are located outside of India. Please get in touch with one of our team members to get a list of items that we are currently looking for and which can be delivered directly to our beneficiaries through online purchasing.