Who We Are

Dana foundation is a non-profit, volunteer based organization working to provide educational support to under privileged children with an intention to break the cycle of poverty. We also undertake other projects that serve to help our mission.

Established in 2020, Dana foundation is primarily working in India and has roots in Canada.

Operating from Bhopal as the India head office, we are working to help children in underprivileged sections of society. We not only provide financial support to our children but also provide mentorship through our volunteers to ensure that they succeed in every aspect of life.

We work to provide job oriented vocational training for our youth from financially backwards backgrounds.

By actively working with other NGOs and collaborating with them on projects that follow our core philosophy of breaking the cycle of poverty, we enrich our own resources while imparting and sharing our own experiences with others.

What do we do

We support our kids with tuition fees and associated expenses like stationary, transportation etc. to enable them to pursue their studies

Skill development for the kids to ensure that they are able to join the work force seamlessly and on time

Providing necessary educational aids to schools located in the remote areas to help delivering educational in most effective way.

Our Mission

Breaking the cycle of poverty through education,
One child at a time

Providing educational support and mentorship to children in need

Supporting programs for children's education in multiple communities across India.

Focus on reaching the most Vulnerable children, to benefit all children, everywhere.



With a broader perspective, we take strategic actions to positively transform lives of the children and affect the entire communities


We champion the rights, dignity and value of all the people we touch through our programs


We are honest and trustworthy in all our actions. We strive to keep our operations fully transparent.


We combine diverse experience and personal initiatives, creating a powerful synergy to accomplish our goals

For our sponsors


We publish our financial results in public and provide full disclosure to our donors to ensure that their money is spent at the right place.

Regular Feedback

Our dedicated volunteers keep track of the progress of each kid and ensure that they are progressing as intended.


Regular feedbacks to our donors as per their preference to keep always aware of how charity money is working to make a difference.

Lots of children in our focused area do not have access to smart devices (phones/tablets) or computers and hence are not able to connect for the online lessons offered by most of the schools. Donate your old system, smartphone or tablet


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

I wish Dana Foundation the very best of luck for the wonderful work they intend to.

I am sure they are going to be hugely successful in their endeavours owing to the team they have and the strategic direction Kuldeep generates so effortlessly.

Lorraine Franklin

We wish all the very best to Dana Foundation's efforts to make a difference.

Education is the single most important factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and Star Energy is proud to be associated with them in this Nobel cause.

Star Energy
Brett Lewis

Education is must for a bright future. Dana foundation’s initiative of providing education to the underprivileged children and connecting them to the mainstream is appreciable.

Thanks for supporting children in their educational needs from our NGO.

Dianna Young

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