Volunteers are critical to the operation of Dana Foundation. We primarily rely on our volunteers to ensure that we minimize our administrative expenses and deliver maximum amount of donations to our end users. Volunteering with the Dana Foundation has been a great way to learn more about the incredible work that the youngsters are doing every day. It is a wonderful way to stay connected to social justice issues and learn about cuttingedge social activism and to help Dana Foundation team amplify the work done by change makers all over the globe. We are constantly looking for volunteers who can donate their skills and time to help us to achieve our goals. Volunteering will be non-paid position. We expect our volunteers to commit a set of time and ensure that they can regularly contribute to their commitments. Typical commitment for the volunteer position will be 10-20 hours a month. For specific campaigns it may require slightly more.

Currently we are looking for following positions:

Mentors are willing to spend time with our children who are primarily located in less privileged areas. They love to work with kids and have similar experiences of working in non profit organizations / social service in past. Like in every case, a police clearance is mandatory to work with us. Mentors are integral member of our team and work actively by contributing consistently for our cause.

Hardware experts
Dana Foundation is collecting electronic devices such tablets, smart phones, laptops, desktops etc. We are looking for volunteers who can refurbish the devices, and ensure that all personal information is cleaned and no private information is at risk of being compromised.

Social media manager
Our social media manager will be actively managing our website and social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, twitter and LinkedIn. We intend to publish at least once a week on these platforms to ensure that we keep a dialogue open with our followers. Our social media manager will also work on our website to publish regular updates about our projects and add new projects are we move forward.

Graphic designer
We are looking for a graphic designer to help our social media team to prepare material for our campaigns and our success stories. This position requires a few hours of your time every month and regular participation in our development endeavours.

Video editor
Video editor will be working with our social media team to record and edit the videos related to our campaigns and success stories. We intend to publish the details on our social media platforms on a monthly basis with enhanced content including videos.

Book keeper
If you have experience in accounting and book keeping, you can contribute to our cause through your skill set to perform book keeping tasks for Dana Foundation. We work with a professional accounting firm but still would like to keep our books ready for the accountant as and when required.

Research and Liaisoning
We actively look for any subsidies and govt funding that may be available to fund our initiatives. This requires researching the available programs in the specific field of our projects or candidates. There are multiple programs offered by state and central governments to help the children from weaker sections to complete their education, to fund infrastructure for schools and to secure vocational training for youth. Working with our core team, you will be researching these programs and will liaison with authorities to ensure that Dana Foundation can take advantage of these programs and can optimize our donations. This helps Dana Foundation to increase the impact of the donations received by us from our donors.

Tutor for Maths, Science and English
Some of our children require extra help in Maths, science and English subjects. You will be helping them to resolve their doubt through regular online help on these subjects. Primarily the students that need the help are in grade from 8-12. This position require regular commitment of 4-8 hours per week for most of the academic seasons.