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Below is the progress of our charity campaign to support local projects related to ecology and human rights.

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ICICI A/C Name: Dana Welfare Foundation
A/C: 327805001107   IFSC: ICIC0000001

Social Integration of Youth

Consistent with our ultimate goal of achieving liberation form the cycle of perpetual poverty, this initiative is focused on youth integration into communities.

Children from unprivileged backgrounds who have managed to complete their basic education often struggle to find a meaning profession where they can start becoming productive and helping themselves along with their families to get out of poverty. We strongly believe that every child is unique and has talent which needs to be nurtured. Our team carefully picks youth who are driven, motivated and hard working. We identify their requirements and sponsor the vocational training as per their needs, talent and aptitude to ensure that they smoothly integrate into society.

A productive individual coming from an underprivileged part of society is not only helping themselves and their family but is also becoming a source of inspiration for others in their community; a domino effect. Our team members work with the children to ensure that they not only get the training that fits their profile but also prepare for the job market through ongoing mentorship.

Your donations will help us to expand the program and induct more youth under our foundation. There are options of helping either through one time donations or sponsoring a particular training for one or more youth. We scour a variety of government programs to fund our endeavours in addition to relying on benevolent donations such as yours. We will provide you a picture of the individual whom you choose to sponsor and regular updates of their progress.

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