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Below is the progress of our charity campaign to support local projects related to ecology and human rights.

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ICICI A/C Name: Dana Welfare Foundation
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Education for Everyone

We at Dana Foundation believe that providing education to children is the single most powerful tool in breaking the cycle of perpetual poverty.

A UN survey on poverty in South East Asia indicated that if conditions are favourable, it takes on an average six generations to independently escape poverty for a typical poverty line family. In India, this duration can increase as different struggles are realized. Since the children do not get a proper education they are berefted from the most important tool that could have helped them to come out of the poverty and they end up performing the same jobs as their parents and the cycle continues.

Realizing this missing link, we carefully select children through a rigorous process to ensure that they will prosper with the right help and guidance. These children are from families whose earnings are below the poverty line and the child is performing well in academics. Your donations cover their tuition fees and other expenses including school supplies and any extra curricular help. Our volunteers regularly stay in touch with them and with their parents monitor their progress.

We provide all necessary support to the children with us to ensure that they progress well with their educational goals and become a productive member of community and break the perpetual cycle of poverty.

Your donations will help us to expand the program and induct more children under our Foundation. There are options of helping either through one time donations or a sponsorship of one or more child through a monthly donation. You can sponsor a child at a Rs 2,750 per month donation. We will provide you a picture and regular updates of their progress.

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