Nikhil is working hard to fulfil his dreams

To help paying for his education, Nikhil used to wash cars in the building where him and his parents live in the one room accommodation as his father doubles up as a night watchman apart from working as a mason in the daytime. His mother works as a maid to make ends meet. Nikhil is passionate about studies and was observed studying at night in the dim parking lot lights.

Through your generous donations, his tuition fees are covered, and he is able to spend more time on his studies. He has now even more hope and motivation to complete his education and fulfill his future career dreams. Our team is in touch with his school principal and his results have immensely improved since we took him under our wings.

His parents find him more focused, and he has started taking extra classes to improve his English-speaking skills. In addition, he is spending extra time that he saved from not having to work towards his course material and his improved marks are a testimonial to the good intention and commitment of our donors who have decided to contribute back to the community.