Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Dana foundation is a non-profit,volunteer-based organization working to provide educational support to under-privileged children intending to tobreak the cycle of poverty.

Established in 2020, Dana foundation has roots in Canada and now expanded to India.

Operating from Bhopal as India head office, we are working to help children in the surrounding areas. We not only provide financial support to our children but also provide them mentorship through our volunteers to ensure that they succeed in every aspect of the life.

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Helping our associated NGOs who are already working in the similar field and looking to establish a library for the children in villages, we are looking for either books or money to buy the books

Help establishing a library for the kids

We are here not for income, but for outcome

You can reach out to us for a list of the books that we are looking for at present.

Alternatively, you can help by donating an amount of your choice with which we will buy the books and establish libraries for the children.

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We are here not for income, but for outcome

Lots of children in our focused area do not have access to smart devices (phones/tablets) or computers and hence are not able to connect for the online lessons offered by most of the schools.

Having access to smart devices/laptops will help them to reach out to other helps offered online related to the studies.

You can either donate your device or donate a sum for which we can buy a refurbished device for the children

Afinancialdonationof$200 is required for anused laptop and $150 for a refurbished smart device

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Our commitment is in the long term support of the children , to ensure that they become independent and bring a change not only into their lives, but also help others to replicate their success


We are here not for income, but for outcome

Family income
Existing educational record
         Securing 80% or over marks
         Recommendations of the teachers
Motivation and commitment
         Committed to work hard and maintain good marks
         Progress should be trackable and reported on regular intervals

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What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

Education is must for a bright future. Dana foundation’s initiative of providing education to the underprivileged children and connecting them to the mainstream is appreciable.

Thanks for supporting children in their educational needs from our NGO

Brett Lewis

I wish Dana Foundation the very best of luck for the wonderful work they intend to.

I am sure they are going to be hugely successful in their endeavours owing to the team they have and the strategic direction Kuldeep generates so effortlessly.

Dianna Young

What do we do

We support our kids with tuition fees and associated expenses like stationary, transportation etc. to enable them to pursue their studies

Mentorship to our kids to help them stay motivated and advise/coach to stay focussed and achieve their targets

Skill development for the kids to ensure that they are able to join the work force seamlessly and on time

For our sponsors


  • We publish our financial results in public and provide full disclosure to our donors to ensure that their money is spent at the right place


  • Our dedicated volunteers keep track of the progress of each kid and ensure that they are progressing as intended. Our responsibility does not end just with the financial support but we also mentor them to ensure that they receive all kind of support to ensure their success.

Regular Feedback

  • We provide regular feedbacks to our donors as per their preference. As a donor you are always aware of how your charity money is working to make a difference

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